[Asterisk-Users] SIPURA 2000 Problems

mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Tue Mar 16 10:12:41 MST 2004

We currently have 30 of the sipura devices in production in a corporate
environment  for over 2 months now. They are all running .31 firmware. We
have had problems with a couple that did not upgrade as described by Senad,
but one call to Sipura tech support and we had them exchanged within a week.
Sipura's tech support is WONDERFUL. They are the most knowledgable and
helpful tech support people I have delt with in reguards to a VOIP
hardphone-product(and support is free). Give them a call and they'll
probably send you out a new adapter tomorrow.
Our sipura's are on a corporate network only so I can't really offer any
suggestions for your NAT settings.

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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] SIPURA 2000 Problems

Essentially these are general issues I have with Sipura SPA 2000:

*	If SPA 2000 is behind NAT, calls are not hanged up when receiver is
replaced. I think asterisk does not get hung-up signal from SPA so called
party user agent is ringing until timeout expires or else!. This is even
worse when call is actually answered because caller is charged for usage
regardless. I have the other day spent £13 on a 30 seconds call... ;) 

*	I can not update device to latest .31 firmware. It just sits there
waiting for SPA 2000 to "not to be in use". I waited and waited for many
many minutes... 

*	SPA 2000 does not keep NAT port opened... so I have got it to work
only by re-registering it every 180 seconds. I am hoping this issue is fixed
in the latest firmware.. (which I can not apply :) )..

Apart from that.. everything else is ok..
Anyone from Sipura reading these is welcome to comment !

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From: Stefan Meier [mailto:sm at innovate-it.ch] 
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Subject: SIPURA 2000 Problems 

Hi Senad 
I just read in the newsgroup, that you are facing problems with SIPURA
devices. What kind of problems? We are going to need buy some adapters and
so far I thought SIPURA works quite well.

Thanks for your feedback 


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