[Asterisk-Users] Fedora w/o capi isdn - any other recomended distribution?

Janusz Starzyk jstarzyk at adres.pl
Sat Mar 13 16:51:24 MST 2004

Being a newbie to linux and asterisk I try for two months already to setup
the asterisk.
I have prepared a test setup: Fedora with asterisk and AVM PCI ISDN card and
a two workstations where any softphone should be running.
I did not manage to get X-lite working and I do not know why. But with
SJphone I can establish the connection. However I have always to put the
whole sip adress like xxx at I can not dial only xxx although it
is properly defined in the sip.conf.

But now I tried to get AVM ISDN card working. Additionally I have installed
chan_capi. But the module can not be loaded.
Googling I have found few pages (unfortunately only in dutch and german)
suggesting removing Fedora's isdn packages and installing capi4k-utils.
I did it, but to install capi4k-utils I have to reinstall removed isdn
packages back. And it's still not working.

Where is the problem with Fedora and their version of the isdn/capi?
I have seen statements on Fedora's bugzilla, that they are not going to
support capi/isdn in their distribution. Can somebody please recommend me
any other reliable linux distribution or guide me to a page with simple
hints how to get asterisk working on Fedora with AVM card?

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