[Asterisk-Users] IPC5000 - Wireless Sip phone

Michael Devenijn Michael.Devenijn at dkma.be
Thu Mar 11 14:19:34 MST 2004

no i bought this one

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Thanks for the info. Sounds good.


Does that mean I can contact them for a test unit also, to try before I buy?





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I ordered a test unit and will recieve it this week (already shipped from sweden), i will post some comments on this list when it is tested .. I hope it will do his job !! ...


the mail they sent to : 


Hello Michael,


Hope you are well.


Your sample is on the way and pls find attached delivery note for your reference.


Ps. frieght charge was USD10 lower, so we own you USD10 that we will pretty reduced it with your next order or we transfer it to your bank account.


I'll the coming days send you updated information about the handset and its new design i.e. it has L2 roaming feature now. The handoff time is 200 ~ 300ms between the AP. We aim to short it to 100 ~ 200ms. 


The implementation of Web Authentication (web-login) what we call HTTPS(SSL) is ongoing and should be released on June. It can be software upgrade.


Best Regards,
Mohammed Fahd



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I am looking to buy a wireless sip phone, probably the IPC5000, I have looked at Wisip phone and read tons of posts regarding that phone.


Do any * admins have any feedback on this phone?


Is there any major differences between the phones, besides looks?


The site has very limited information regarding prices etc.





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