[Asterisk-Users] MWI false light activity - msg0000.txt

DUSTIN WILDES dwildes at pabbankshares.com
Tue Mar 9 10:39:53 MST 2004

This has been an occasional problem with us as well (around 45 users).
If anyone has a fix - please share!  :-)

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I can't offer you an explanation Rob, only thanks. 
We were going nuts trying to track this with SIP debugging, when in fact we had exactly the same problem on two mailboxes. In our case it was msg0015.txt causing the MWI to stay lit.
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Periodically when users delete voicemail a file gets left behind that triggers an inaccurate message waiting light.  Users attempt to pickup/erase what they think is a legitimate message.
Thanks for your help.

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