[Asterisk-Users] x100p volume

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Mon Mar 8 09:16:28 MST 2004

> Be careful with setting the volume in this manner.  This tip might save you
> a bunch of headaches.  I adjusted the TX on my X100P cards to low negatives
> values in accordance with the feedback I received from ztmonitor.  When I
> achieved the levels that were satisfactory to me an interesting problem
> arose.  My X100P would not longer dial out.  This makes complete sense now,
> because the TX levels were not high enough to trigger an "off-hook" state.
> But at the time I was trying to minimize echo and changing a couple of other
> things.  This problem completely baffled the Digium Tech guys and only after
> going to back to old CVS, different hardware, checking impedance on our
> lines and a little sitting back and digesting did it the solution present
> itself.  
> So just a word of warning, if you are messing with these settings and you
> can no longer dialout, change them back before you check anything else.

Also, if I remember correctly, and changes to those gain statements require
a stop/start of *, not just a reload.


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