[Asterisk-Users] Ahead SIPPS and Asterisk

Carlton J. O'Riley CORILEY at comcast.net
Fri Mar 5 11:48:15 MST 2004

I'll try to look over my config again.  Not sure I put a "realm" in, but
everything else seemed fine.  I get the acquired message and I see the SIP
messages flowing on the Asterisk server, but once any sound needs to be
sent, it dies.  I'm using g711ulaw and I was calling into an announcement
menu to test that I have setup on the server.  The entry in my sip.conf is
exactly what I use for X-Pro, so that is why I am confused by the missing
SDP message.

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What sort of phone are you trying to call?

I use SIPPS and * and it works fine, it just wont work when you call
Windows Messenger for some reason. I can call X-lite, POTS, GS phones no

I use the same config as X-lite, in SIPPS if you click on the spanner or
press F9 to go into configuration and click on network.

You should see aquired?=20

Click modify and ensure Gateway is ticked and you have the IP of your
server in there, for some reason it defaults as redirect. On mine I
leave Dial prefix blank.

Click modify again then Ok, which will take you to the config section
for the user, choose "use authentication", fill in the blanks, I found
also putting the "realm" in made it work correctly.

Hope that helps in some way.

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