[Asterisk-Users] Motorola / Vanguard, H.323 and Asterisk

Warren H. Prince wprince at unconundrum.com
Tue Mar 2 19:33:20 MST 2004

    We were early adopters of the Motorola Vanguard VoIP solution, and 
were dismayed when the product line faded.  Quite frankly, I can't 
imagine why you'd want to integrate the two solutions.  To my memory, 
Motorola offered only H.323 support, no SIP or IAX.  Further, the codecs 
are probably not supported by *. 
    As I write this, I'm trying to imagine what you have in mind.  Bring 
FXO's and FXS's into the Motorola and .....convert the traffic to H.323 
to talk to Asterisk?  To do what that the Motorola can't do natively? 
    Really, I think you'd never be happy with the solution.  We're 
moving from the Motorola gear to * for the more advanced features, and 
improved codecs.. and to combine everything the Motorolas did into one box.
    You could pick up an Adtran 750 on ebay, and buy a T1 card from 
Digium and you're in business.... and don't have to mess with the codecs 
and all that...

Reid A. Forrest wrote:

> Has anyone had any luck using Vanguard routers with Asterisk? We're 
> considering using Motorola / Vanguard 6560's with FXO and FXS cards 
> with Asterisk for a (very small) office phone system. I'm completely 
> new to Asterisk, so I'm afraid I can't get any more specific than 
> that. We just happen to have access to some of this equipment and 
> thought it might be a good alternative to buying other hardware.
> Looking through Vanguard's documentation, it looks like the 6560 will 
> support H.323 with a gatekeeper. Does this sound like something worth 
> pursuing?
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