[Asterisk-Users] Motorola / Vanguard, H.323 and Asterisk

Reid A. Forrest reid at cvtelecom.com
Tue Mar 2 17:12:49 MST 2004

Has anyone had any luck using Vanguard routers with Asterisk? We're
considering using Motorola / Vanguard 6560's with FXO and FXS cards with
Asterisk for a (very small) office phone system. I'm completely new to
Asterisk, so I'm afraid I can't get any more specific than that. We just
happen to have access to some of this equipment and thought it might be a
good alternative to buying other hardware.


Looking through Vanguard's documentation, it looks like the 6560 will support
H.323 with a gatekeeper. Does this sound like something worth pursuing?



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