[Asterisk-Users] Is there a BIG difference between a softphone like X-Lite and a hard VOIP phone

Jacques Leisy jacques at leisys.com
Tue Mar 2 19:02:16 MST 2004

Before I spend an extra $100 dollars for a "hard phone", I would like to
know if I can expect a significant delay reduction and quality improvement
over a product like X-Lite. Of course it will depend so here are a few
pointers on my config:
- 1.4Ghz AMD Athlon
- Windows XP Professional
- 802.11g connection to a 100Mhz switched network
I tried with different codecs (uLaw, GSM) and could not detect any
significant difference. 
- Intel Celeron 1.15Mhz
- Suse Linux 9.0 - Kernel 2.4.21
- Asterisk CVS-02/03/04 (still trying to find out the command to check for
the version)
A few things I need to try
- impact of wired vs wireless
- impact of processor upgrade on the server (I'm going to install a
standalone server with a dual pentium and also try the CompactPCI motorola
server I bought last week end !!!)
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