[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk Passthrough

Emanuele Laface ema at scumm.it
Tue Mar 2 09:27:28 MST 2004

Hi all,

I have a Wildcard TE410P and I want use them to add the asterisk
capabilities to my office pbx.
My problem is that I don't want to create panic in my collegue with a
drastic change from "traditional" pbx to VoIP, so I want make a smooth
My actual pbx is connected to the external world with 2 PRI interface, my
idea is to insert asterisk in the middle, I want disconnect the two PRI,
connect them to the asterisk and connect the asterisk with old pbx with a
"cross cable".

So, at the first step, my asterisk is simple a passthrough, but in the
future I can change smoothly all my office phone and finally I can
disconnect the old pbx.

Ok, I'm at the first step, I have two problem:
- First problem: what is the configuration of asterisk for "passthrough"?
I have a good knowledge about SIP, IAX, and asterisk in general, I have
build a working configuration with SIP phones (Grandstream Budget One) and
asterisk with a PRI, but I don't know how I can configure the
zaptel card for passthrough.

- Second problem (is not a real problem): where I can find the diagram for
a "cross cable" for PRI-to-PRI connection.

I hope that my bad english and my bad brain are not a big problem for the
understandig of my problem, if you don't understand something please ask.

Thank you for help.

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