[Asterisk-Users] Double DTMF digits

Jason Garland jgarland at my-kungfu.com
Wed Jun 30 14:23:01 MST 2004

I am forwarding my calls from my packet8 phone number to my Free World
Dialup account using the Packet8 FWD interconnect codes. I have asterisk
registered with my FWD account via IAX2 and have also tried with SIP. When
a call comes in Asterisk interprets any DTMF tones twice. IE: someone
types 1 asterisk thinks they pressed 11.  I have tried the echo test and
do not hear any keybounce or echo. I can forward the call to FWD's
coffeehouse at 514 via IAX2 and DTMF works fine and there is no echo. I
hope I have provided enough information and maybe someone will have a
solution. I thought maybe I could tweak the DTMF recognition but that
doesn't look possible without recompiling dsp.c every time I make a change
to test it.

- Jason Garland
FWD# 273307

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