[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk Wish List - Can We do it? Can you add to it?

Kanuri, Seshu seshu.kanuri at citigroup.com
Wed Jun 30 14:40:46 MST 2004

I dont know whether anyone has done this exercise before of putting together a Wish-List of things that you want to do, if you have all the gadgets you need and have a client base that needs Asterisk's Features and more. Here are some of the scenarios I am playing out that I will do, once I have enough time.

Can anyone add to this list of Scenarios with or without using other gadgets, so that we all understand what a full featured Asterisk Implementation looks like?

Wish List:

Technical Architecture:

1.	CISCO AS5300 with 4 T1 ports
2.	Linux Boxes with enough horsepower
3.	Digium/Varion Quad T1 Cards if neeeded
4.	Windows 2003 Servers
5.	Voice Master - VOIP Switch (SIP+H323)


Linux Fedora Core 2
Windows 2003

Software - On Linux Side:

1.	Fedora Core2
2.	Asterisk - For	PBX
3.	Oh323	-	For integration with H323 Protocol and end points
4.	SER (If required to work as softswitch)
5.	MySql		- 	Database Server
6.	Apache	-	Web Server
7.	PHP		-	Application Server

Software - On Windows Side:

8.	Windows 2003 Server
9.	GNUGK 	- 	As Gatekeeper
10.	MySql		- 	Database Server
11.	Apache	-	Web Server
12.	IIS		-	Web Server
13.	PHP		-	Application Server

Business Scenarios:

1st Scenario:

1.	PSTN Csutomer  uses 1800 Number  and calls into a CISCO AS5300 IVR 
2.	CISCO AS5300 acts as Inbound Gateway and
a.	Sends Outof-Network PSTN Calls to PSTN Provider
b.	Sends all DID calls to Asterisk IP using SIP  as the protocol
3.	Asterisk handles the In-network calls 

2nd d Scenario:

4.	VOIP Customer  uses SIP End Point and calls into Asterisk
5.	Asterisk acts as Inbound Gateway and
a.	Sends Out of-Network PSTN Calls to SIP enabled  PSTN Provider
b.	Sends all DID calls to Asterisk Users using SIP protocol
6.	Asterisk handles the both In-network and Out of Network calls 

3rd Scenario:

7.	Asterisk will be registered as SIP endpoint (Outbound) in SysMaster gateway
8.	VOIP Customer uses H.323 Broadband endpoint and calls into SysMaster GK
9.	SysMaster Sends the DID Calls to Asterisk as SIP Traffic, using it's SIP Interface. All other H.323 calls will be routed to H.323 Terminators/Gateways
10.	Asterisk acts as Outbound Gateway for calls to Registered Asterisk DID Extensions 

4th Scenario:

11.	Asterisk will be registered as SIP endpoint (Inbound) in SysMaster gateway
12.	Asterisk DID user dials a  Number 
a.	If it is In-Network - It is handled by Asterisk
b.	If it is a PSTN Number, it will be sent to SysMaster 
13.	SysMaster Sends the PSTN Calls to it's H.323 (Or SIP) termination Provider.

5th Scenario:

6th Scenario:

Seshu Kanuri
VOIP at netwebgroup.com

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