[Asterisk-Users] sidetone noticeably loud on analog handsets on T100P

Paul Zimm pbzinc at dejazzd.com
Wed Jun 23 04:59:02 MST 2004

> Has anyone experienced this?  I did some googling on it through the 
> archives of course, but don't see much discussion of sidetone issues 
> with analog handsets.
> I'm wondering if there's some way I could be adjusting the sidetone in 
> Asterisk or should I be looking at my FXS channel bank?
I have the same problem with an Adit 600 channel bank that I've been 
trying to resolve without
any success. The sidetone is loud and very annoying. The only way to 
avoid it is to keep the
phone mic further away from your mouth.

Unfortunately, I think it is a channel bank issue. I've disconnected my 
channel bank from
the Asterisk server and the sidetone is still very loud. I've changed 
the gain on the channel bank
but that hasn't made any difference.

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