[Asterisk-Users] Re: [Asterisk-Users] Asterisk answering only one (dialed-) Number on a PTMP (German "Mehrgeräteanschluss")?

jo lists at scheko.net
Wed Jun 23 01:17:02 MST 2004

Hi Marco,

wendys wrote:

> Hi,
> please excuse my poor englisch.
> Is it possible to connect a (privat Test-Asterisk) to my privat ISDN 
> and allow him to only answer one dialed number?
> We have 3 up to 10 Numbers on each (Euro-)ISDN (2 b-chanels), it 
> cant't be done by the last Digits cause the numbers are completely 
> different.
> For Example:
> I have 3 Numbers (641717, 928752....)
> Is it possible to tell Asterisk (in Extensions.conf?) to Answer 641717 
> an ignore incomming calls on 928752?
> I need this solution to work with Asterisk without disconnecting my 
> Girlfriend from the rest of the world.
> ;-)

I did this with an AVM Fritz Card and capi_chan  from 
You can define incoming and outgoing MSNs in capi.conf so you won't get 
in conflict with you other MSNs
There is some documentation on it in at voip-info.org (seems to be 
currently down)


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