[Asterisk-Users] Re: [Asterisk-Users] Asterisk answering only one (dialed-) Number on a PTMP (German "Mehrgeräteanschluss")?

Tim Robinson timweb at txrx.org.uk
Wed Jun 23 00:44:53 MST 2004

Hi Marco
Asterisk will do exactly what you want, as long as your line is point to 
multipoint.  I did my initial experimentation with Asterisk exactly as 
you describe.  You just need to specifiy in your extensions.conf which 
MSN numbers you want asterisk to respond to.  It will ignore all others.

Best and cheapest option would be to try a zaphfc card for 20 euros or 
so.(Billion, Asustek, etc)  Make sure it is on its own IRQ or you will 
have real problems.  Use bri-stuff-0.0.2 from www.junghanns.net.

When you have played a bit, you can use a second card in NT mode to 
connect to your other ISDN equipment, and you can use * as the main 
switch.  Magic!

And by the  way, your English is much better than my German!

Good luck!


wendys wrote:

> Hi,
> please excuse my poor englisch.
> Is it possible to connect a (privat Test-Asterisk) to my privat ISDN 
> and allow him to only answer one dialed number?
> We have 3 up to 10 Numbers on each (Euro-)ISDN (2 b-chanels), it 
> cant't be done by the last Digits cause the numbers are completely 
> different.
> For Example:
> I have 3 Numbers (641717, 928752....)
> Is it possible to tell Asterisk (in Extensions.conf?) to Answer 641717 
> an ignore incomming calls on 928752?
> I need this solution to work with Asterisk without disconnecting my 
> Girlfriend from the rest of the world.
> ;-)
> I realy tried to find an answer in your archive, 
> Asterisk-Manual, "hitchhiker guide to Asterisk" and in Google but I'm 
> affraid that I didn't know the right "searchstring".
> Marco W.

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