[Asterisk-Users] Unify Incoming and Outgoing sound files

James W. Brinkerhoff jwb at paravolve.net
Tue Jun 22 14:08:22 MST 2004

soxmix will do it...    On CVS HEAD asterisk Monitor() has an option to 
automate this after each call.    Do a 'show application monitor' to see all 
the options.


On Tuesday 22 June 2004 04:47 pm, Carlos Medina wrote:
> Hi, i have a call center which receives many calls at day. Those calls are
> stored in a directory in my asterisk server as WAV files. The problem is
> that each call is divided in 2 files: an IN.WAV file and OUT.WAV file. The
> OUT.WAV file is what im speaking to other person, the IN.WAV file is what
> that person is speaking to me. I need to unify that files into one complete
> file that consolidate a complete call, i dont know if there is an
> application that can do that.
> Thanks for your help
> Carlos Andres Medina.
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