[Asterisk-Users] Unify Incoming and Outgoing sound files

Nik Martin nmartin at radiancetech.com
Tue Jun 22 14:25:16 MST 2004

Carlos Medina wrote:
> Hi, i have a call center which receives many calls at day. Those
> calls are stored in a directory in my asterisk server as WAV files.
> The problem is that each call is divided in 2 files: an IN.WAV file
> and OUT.WAV file. The OUT.WAV file is what im speaking to other
> person, the IN.WAV file is what that person is speaking to me. I need
> to unify that files into one complete file that consolidate a
> complete call, i dont know if there is an application that can do
> that.      
> Thanks for your help
> Carlos Andres Medina.

Are the wav files synched to the same time base?  In other words, do they
start and end in the proper time frames, where if you 'stacked' one on top
of the other, would the conversation make sense?  If so, soxmix will do the

Man soxmix

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