[Asterisk-Users] TE410P / Eicon PRI

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Mon Jun 21 08:55:05 MST 2004

Lee Howard wrote:

> I've never seen this kind of "flakiness" of libtiff cause any problems 
> for HylaFAX.  As far as I'm aware, there has only been two instances 
> when libtiff caused HylaFAX any grief.  The 3.6.1 release problem with 
> G3/G4 is a given.  And then there was the 16-to-32 bit type change 
> that occurred with the 3.4.x-to-3.5.x change.
> In all the years of using HylaFAX I've never had any other libtiff 
> issues give me any grief with HylaFAX.  In fairness, however, HylaFAX 
> only uses a very narrow set of functions and utilities from libtiff.  
> It has its own G3/G4 encoder and decoder built-in and relies on that 
> most of the time.
> Lee.

It doesn't matter what facilities you use. If you get libtiff to open a 
bad TIFF file, it may well dump core. TIFF has been one of the most 
abused standards over the years. It used to be that hardly any FAX 
software would read the TIFFs produced by another package - both because 
they were too stupid to read perfectly good TIFFs, and because many of 
the TIFFs were not good. I used to have endless trouble with libtiff 
dumping core on those bad TIFFs. If you have had no trouble, your TIFFs 
must have lead a sheltered life :-)


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