[Asterisk-Users] SJphone regestration problem - Help!

Rui ruixunwu at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 17 08:03:49 MST 2004

I am having a problem with SJphone registration, having read the list 
and wathced it for a while for similar problems. I just can't seem to 
figure out the problem.

I tryed to follow a tutorial from 
but in SJphone (SIP tab), I can't find the following setting.

Use local outbound proxy - checked.
Proxy IP Address:
Caller ID: sip:markspc at
Register - checked.
Account: markspc
Password blank.

In SJphone "Options->Profiles", when I new create a profile, no matter 
what Profile type I selected(there three type:Direct SIP Calls, Simple 
SIP proxy, Calls through SIP Proxy), in the SIP tab,  there are only 
four settings I can set. The four settings are
1  Use "application/sip" instead of "message/sipfrag for Notify bodies
2  expose software version
3  Restrict caller identity(support varies for proxies from different 
4  use short headers

I installed the SJphone vision 222b on Linux. Is there something simple 
I missed?  or am I on the wrong direction? Help would be greatly greatly 


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