[Asterisk-Users] Problem with bridging two external lines

Alex Malinovich alex at golden-tech.com
Thu Jun 17 08:18:23 MST 2004

We're having a strange problem when an external call is transferred to
an external line. Once the transfer happens, the other line gets opened
but as far as we can tell the number never gets dialed. The person being
transferred gets an extremely loud squealing noise and usually
disconnects. Both lines then remain open indefinitely. We've set an
absolutetimeout, but it doesn't appear to be working. (It's set to 600
seconds, yet after 15 minutes both lines are still open.) The only way
to fix it is to either use a soft hangup or restart the system.

The other really strange part is that this appears to be semi-random.
Calling in from a land-line and being transferred to a cell phone, for
example, usually works fine. But calling in from a cell phone and being
transferred to a cell phone results in the problem. This SHOULDN'T make
a difference, as both calls are still land line calls until they get to
the cell tower, but we've consistently had the problem when going cell
to cell.

I'm at a complete loss here. Any ideas?
Alex Malinovich
Golden Technologies, Inc.
(219) 462-7200 x 216
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