[Asterisk-Users] Re: DNS SRV records

Duane duane at e164.org
Tue Jun 8 20:39:54 MST 2004

My apologies for the previous email, I meant to resend this one as I 
sent it from the wrong address and was bounced...

John Fraizer wrote:

> Just how do you suppose that Joe Public "stumbled" across Asterisk in 
> the first place?  Is he now too stupid to google "DNS SVR"?  Perhaps we 
> should also modify the documentation to remind Joe Public to inhale and 
> exhale, otherwise he'll die of lack of oxygen!

Have you ever sat in the #asterisk channel and answered some of the most
basic asterisk questions? I take it from your answer you haven't, so
maybe you should to see exactly what I mean...

In any case it's more about lack of knowledge in DNS and since they
don't know about a feature they see no point in using google to check
what it does, it won't help them any more then just the core feature
set, so until it's a core feature that can't be disabled it won't be any
more valuable to me then an A record...


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