[Asterisk-Users] Sending # and Asterisk Transfer Conflict

George Pajari George.Pajari at Faximum.com
Tue Jun 8 19:21:47 MST 2004

Having spent the better part of an hour searching the archives and voip-info
I hesitantly ask what appears to be an obvious question but one I cannot
find an answer for.

Using Grandstream phones it seems that the only way to support Call Parking
is to enable # transfers (i.e. use T in the dial command) since pressing the
TRANSFER button on the BT phone is blind and one does not hear the call
parking extension used.

Customer wants to be able to park outbound calls but also needs to be able
to make PSTN calls with IVR apps that require the use of the # key.

The problem is obvious -- pressing the # during an outbound calls triggers
an Asterisk transfer. So what's the trick to allow users to both park
outbound calls using the BT phone AND be able to use # during outbound IVR

The obvious hack is to have a different dial plan for outside calls that
does include the T option in the dial plan (i.e. dial 8+ for IVR calls, 9+
for normal calls that can be parked/transferred) but I'm hoping for
something more elegant.

George Pajari

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