[Asterisk-Users] Re: DNS SRV records

Duane duane at e164.org
Tue Jun 8 18:28:59 MST 2004

Jan Janak wrote:

>   In your own sandbox, feel free to do whatever you want. If the companies you

In my own sandbox I'm promoting enum, I can't dial SRV records from my 
SIP hard phone, I don't want to have a laptop to make calls, I want 
something small, and can dial a "number" easily without standing there 
typing a URL... Typing URLs are a pita from a phone perspective... 
Typing SMS's are a pita too, which is why I don't bother sending many 
except from a PC/laptop, and again I don't want to carry a laptop about 
with me...

>   So, please, stop promoting using of A records instead of SRV, that would
>   make our life a little bit easier, thank you.

Everyone will use A records regardless... They make up part of the SRV 
record so either way things aren't suddenly going to break...

In both case they work as well as each other BUT until someone out of 
the 4 or 5 that has whined about my posts gets it turned on by default 
OR better still turned on in code and not abled to disabled then I might 
actually care more about them. Until then it doesn't worry me 1 iota, 
they both work identically for me, and fine either way...


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