[Asterisk-Users] Multiple DDI & Hunting on Analog Lines (UK)

Matt matt at powderdays.com
Mon Jun 7 01:24:49 MST 2004

Hi everyone,

I want to get multiple DDI's and hunting across those DDI's in case one of the lines is busy using analog phone lines.  The system is for a large house so I want 3 x PSTN lines.  3 x DDI's and the ability for those DDI's to be presented across all three PSTN lines.

BT say you can't have more than one DDI number associated with a PSTN line and that you can't hunt across analog lines.

(I'm not sure if hunt is the right term what I mean is the ability for an inbound call to be passed from one line to another if a line is busy)

Surely this is possible.

I've had a good old hunt about the internet and found Feature Lines (again from BT) these appear to do most of what I want except multiple DDI.  Does this sound like what I need?

Surely there is a way to do this and I either don't know what I'm asking for or I'm being thick.



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