[Asterisk-Users] (possibly) new use for asterisk

Stewart Nelson sn at scgroup.com
Fri Jun 4 09:29:30 MST 2004

Hi Nik,

> Does shoutcast run across isdn?

Shoutcast, like its commercial counterparts, runs on an IP network.

You can:
1) use an ISDN modem (PCI, or PC card) that plugs into the PC, or
2) use an ISDN TA that connects via a serial port, or
3) use an ISDN router, connected via Ethernet to the PC.

For AM  monaural broadcasting, almost any setup should have
adequate quality.  For FM stereo, try to get a 128kbps (both
B channels, transparent) connection.  If you are limited to 64k or
56k, and will be broadcasting music, IMHO Windows Media Encoder
or RealProducer will give you better quality.  These are freeware
but not open source, of course.

Be aware that many laptops don't have a "line in" jack, and the
microphone connection is often noisy and/or mono.  If high
quality is important, use an external A/D such as Extigy.


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