[Asterisk-Users] MYSQL asterisk configuration

Terry Goodwin TGoodwin at packagingcorp.com
Fri Jun 4 09:36:24 MST 2004

Hello all.
I am a little (allot) lost on my next hurdle in getting an asterisk
system built.  
I would like to get my asterisk servers configured exclusively from
database.  I have read through the wiki on this subject but once again I
find that there is a certain level of knowledge that is assumed.   As of
now I know nothing about databases in general and specifically MYSQL.  I
do not know how to set up the database structure (SQL commands,
scripts?) for the required databases.  I think I have the add-on stuff
done right but there have been a few conflicting documents and comments
in the mailing list regarding this.  
Bottom line...  
I am rather confused as to where to start,  what direction to go in and
how the details are done.  I am, however,  willing to learn.  I just
need to do this in a compressed time frame as I need a really cool "show
peace" to eval so that I can get some $ thrown at it. 
Future needs will be Netware Edirectory integration at some level, 
mainly looking to pull name and phone # out of edirectory and present it
to a cisco 7940/60 via XML.  I would love to be able to link the
asterisk database directly (ldap, dirxml, etc) to edirectory at some
point so that changes made in edirectory are sent to the appropriate
asterisk system. Voicemail networking (the ability to forward voicemails
to a user or group of users on remote asterisk systems and possibly an
AMIS feature that will allow networking with existing avaya/octel
voicemail systems until I can replace them with asterisk).  Providing
high reliability.  I have been looking to have two asterisk servers
(primary and secondary) share a PRI but Im still not real clear on how
to achieve full redundancy of the server yet.
... and finally,  at some point  (when I can prove the potential of
asterisk) HIRE A FREAKING DEVELOPER so I can do whatever I want with the
system without causing myself to have an aneurism by trying to read
(much less figure out) source code.  Although I was successful in
modifying mime-construct to change the (from: ) field of the email. 
Yeah I know,  its Perl script...  But I was still pretty proud of
If you actually read my entire screed I offer my sincere thanks.  If
not,  well, your not reading this anyway.
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