[Asterisk-Users] Re: Transfer with Budgetone

Philipp von Klitzing klitzing at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Jun 3 05:19:00 MST 2004


> Our desktop phones were done as a package deal from the building owner
> (who also runs the existing PBX) for almost nothing. 

Then one option is to check if you can keep the PBX and the phones, and 
just put Asterisk in between this PBX and the Telco. Compensate the costs 
of the Asterisk hardware with less spending on calls due to routing 
through a VoIP proivder etc and see if that makes a good argument, but 
don't forget a decent Internet link.

BTW: And are you sure people wouldn't like to have voicemail? You'll need 
to make them want that... ;-> I guess you can even argue that voicemail 
increases productivity.

Conferencing: From my experience that is a very handy feature if your 
company does team-oriented work. So the point is NOT to gather everyone 
in the conference room and then use that three-leg monster to talk to 
someone else, but to have everyone sitting in THEIR office and just 
quickly establish an - internal or external - ad-hoc conference when 

> If I can't spec out a system which is like that then the project will
> be shelved - which I suspect is precisely what my boss wants to happen
> (he's also the main advocate of the MSN Messenger solution). 
> Corporate politics is like that... 

I'd rather use X-Lite than MSN Messenger...

> For myself I'd love to play with a Cisco but with the 7960 going for £600 a 
> throw I'm not in the market for spending that much...


Cheers, Philipp

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