[Asterisk-Users] Level(3) SIP termination services?

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Fri Dec 19 19:12:22 MST 2003

Anyone investigated the new service offerings from Level(3) in the 
last few months?  They claim to be using ENUM and SIP - see 
http://www.level3.net/2192.html for details.  Any idea of their 
pricing model for mid-sized enterprise applications or call centers 
for origination/termination?  More specifically, do they interoperate 
with Asterisk?  Some providers insist on certain hardware that speaks 
SIP flavor-of-the-month.  I could call them to find out, but I 
suspect that this list will have far more clue than the Level(3) 
sales weasel that I'd get on the phone and who would want to waste a 
few days of my time asking stupid questions of me.

Replies off-list, if you feel it necessary.


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