[Asterisk-Users] E100P connected to Cisco

Daniel Bichara daniel at bichara.com.br
Fri Dec 19 19:53:54 MST 2003

Hi All,

I wish to connect * to a Cisco using a E100P board.

When I load the driver I got this error message:

-bash-2.05b# modprobe wct1xxp
ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: Function not implemented (38)
/lib/modules/2.4.21-SAX/misc/wct1xxp.o: post-install wct1xxp failed
/lib/modules/2.4.21-SAX/misc/wct1xxp.o: insmod wct1xxp failed

Follows Cisco configuration:

isdn switch-type primary-qsig
isdn voice-call-failure 0

controller E1 2
 framing NO-CRC4
 clock source line primary
 pri-group timeslots 1-31

interface Serial2:15
 no ip address
 isdn switch-type primary-qsig
 isdn overlap-receiving T302 2000
 isdn incoming-voice modem
 isdn T310 40000
 isdn send-alerting
 no cdp enable

voice-port 2:D
 cptone BR

I configured my /etc/zapata.conf:


Any clue?

Thanks in advance,


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