[Asterisk-Users] Re: Land line vs. VoIP provider.

SW sathyaw at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 19 15:04:53 MST 2003

Hi Stephen,

Interesting ....

>6) When, and if, the quality/reliability improves sufficiently, a DID
>line in the area code of your choice, which provides 6 simultaneous call
>presentations for $7.99/month, will beat any land line hands down.

I did not know that one connection can have many simultaneous call

I just tried with my iconnect account, So while I was calling in to an *
extension, I tried calling the same iconnect number again. It didn't give me
an engage tone, infact it came to the * as well.

Six simultaneous presentations you mentioned here is for VoicePulse, right ?

Do you know the limitation for Iconnect ? I can't use VoicePulse because I
live in California, and need California numbers.



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