[Asterisk-Users] asterisk phone card application with agi

Nicolas Gudino nicolas at house.com.ar
Wed Dec 17 12:24:09 MST 2003

Use the language you like/know more. I have developed a calling card
application with AGI scripts in perl (with the help of asterisk-perl
from http://asterisk.gnuinter.net) , web admin scripts in PHP, and 
MySQL backend. Good luck,

On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 09:47, arun parajuli wrote:
> hey
>   i want to implement phone card application based on PIN.........
> for this i am planning to use the AGI.........
> which programming language ( c , python, java .etc) should i use? i mean 
> which one is effective.
> please suggest  me.
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