[Asterisk-Users] Two Stage Dialing for MF CAMA trunk

William Flanagan williameflanagan at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 14 10:53:52 MST 2003

Hi all,

I am trying to setup a ZAP interface to do MF signaling for a handoff to a 
911 tandem.  The signaling I need to perform on the T1 is this:

9-1-1 Tandem: Wink
CLEC end office: KP (Keypulse) NPA ST (Start)
9-1-1 Tandem: Wink
CLEC end office: KP I (Info Digit) NXX XXXX ST

As I'm not as familiar with the Zaptel configurabliity, I'm not really sure 
how to do this.  Do I dial twice or something similar in the dial plan?



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