[Asterisk-Users] VoicePulse for outbound dialing

Chris Albertson chrisalbertson90278 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 15:56:30 MST 2003

Non expert reply:  Yes it will do what you want.  You do
not need to pay for the DID.  "Iconecthere" will let you
make as many outbound calls as you want for a flat 2.5 cents
per minute plus a small monthly fee.  Higher monthly fees
buy you prepaid "free" minutes.   That $8.00 allows _inbound_
calls from PSTN, not needed for outbound calls 

I can make multiple outbound calls at the same time BUT my
DSL bandwidt quickly maxes out.  (I'm testing with home ADSL)
and things go bad quickly.
With a good megabit level line OR if you move your
Asterisk server to a "co-location facitity" and use their
100Mb/s connections you could make MANY outbound calls at once. 

--- Carl Youngblood <carl at ycs.biz> wrote:
> > Next get a VOIP service provider to provide you with a PSTN DID
> > (A phone number) VoicePulse will do this for about $8.00/month
> > pluss outgoing per minute cost. So you get as many incomming lines
> > as you need and you have zero hardware interface at your site.
> > (other then your DSL line.)
> >
> Can I use this type of service for outbound dialing without any SIP 
> phones?  I just want to have a server that sends voice messages to
> our 
> customers.  And if so, what part of asterisk do I want to examine to 
> develop this?  It would be great to write an outbound dialer that 
> didn't require any specialized hardware.  Does a service like this
> let 
> you make more than one phone call simultaneously, or must you pay an 
> additional $8.00 for each line that gets used at the same time? 
> Sorry 
> if these questions are stupid but I'm new to asterisk.
> Thanks,
> Carl Youngblood
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