[Asterisk-Users] Multiple Asterisk servers sharing/propagating registry ?

Nicolas Bougues nbougues-listes at axialys.net
Tue Dec 9 11:45:08 MST 2003

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 08:40:36AM -0800, Chris Albertson wrote:
> It would be a major change to the code but I think what you'd
> want to do is have the Asterisk server store _all_ of it's information
> in something like a database, The dail plan, SIP registrations,
> everything would have to go there.  Once you've done that any
> number of Asterisk servers could share the same database and there
> are methods of running mirrored databases already.

This is one way of doing it. The other way being to exchange live
routing/registration data, and keep and process it locally, somewhat
like what a BGP router does.

> When I worked at a dot.com we had a design requirement that I
> should be able to go into the server room and pull any of the AC
> power cords and the users should not be able to know.  About the
> _only_ way to do this is with "load balancing".  Fail over does
> not work so transparently.

It's not the goal here. I'm not looking for "five nines". I'm looking
for a way to :
- connect several tens of E1 channels (thus I need a quite a few
  different boxes) 
- support the fact that any single box may be down. I could drop the
  channels it currently processes, which is OK. But when the user
  dials again, it should work. It should be fairly OK with the client
  performing a new DNS lookup before it registers, if the DNS is aware
  of which box is up.

Nicolas Bougues
Axialys Interactive

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