[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk and Avaya IP phones

Ed Rubright ed at rubright.net
Thu Dec 4 16:02:34 MST 2003

The company I work for has deployed an Avaya IP phone system.  They have
deployed the Avaya 4602 and 4620 IP telephones.  They might be sending
me one of these phones for use in my home office.

Question: Can I make this IP telephone register and work with my
Asterisk server?  I don't know if it is a SIP phone?  I searched thru
the Avaya site, but can't find whether it's a SIP phone or not.  Thought
maybe someone on this list would know.

Question: Would I be able to register my Asterisk server or an
individual SIP phone (Cisco 7960 or Polycom IP600) with the Avaya server
these 46xx IP telephones use?  I don't know what model of the Avaya
server the company has purchased, so I have limited info here.

Thanks in advance,
Ed Rubright

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