[Asterisk-Users] Iax Client Library Issues? (DIAX, iaxComm, etc.)

Alastair Maw asterisk at almaw.com
Wed Dec 3 10:08:30 MST 2003

On 03/12/03 16:43, Steven Sokol wrote:

> Thanks, but I already have the clients configured as IAX2 rather than
> IAX.  The failure is not universal (not ALL calls are missed).  Rather
> the client seems to "go to sleep" for some reason -- almost always after
> handling a call.
> I have been monitoring the process from both the Asterisk CLI (with IAX2
> debug and IAX debug turned on), from Gastman (monitoring call activity),
> and from a packet sniffer (unfortunately not Ethereal with the new
> plugin).

Trust me on this one - you *really* want to take the time to install 
Etheral with the plugin. It makes debugging problems like this much 
easier - you'll be able to see whether the client sees the packet, 
whether it sends a response, if there's version skew causing INVALID 
packets to be sent for certain challenge/responses, etc.

I'd only stick trace code in the iax-client library when you've sniffed 
what's going on so you know where to add it. :)

> I can, I suppose, add some trace code to the iaxClient library, but I
> don't really know where to go in the code to get it to trace/log.  I
> would like to place it as low as possible -- in the listener function,
> then perhaps in the parser.
> If anybody knows how to do this, please let me know.  My C coding skills
> are fairly rusty.  Just point out the proper file and function(s) and I
> will be on my way.

iaxclient/lib/libiax2/src/iax.c is probably where you'd want to look. 
Which functions depends on what's happening. iax_do_event() might be 
relevant for outbound packets, for example. You'll have to delve.


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