[Asterisk-Users] Iax Client Library Issues? (DIAX, iaxComm, etc.)

Peter Zeltins peter at fintrading.com
Wed Dec 3 18:34:35 MST 2003

> I seem to be having problems with IAX clients based on the iaxClient
> library.  I have been working on my own client (an augmentation to the
> Call Manager I released last week) and it seems to regularly miss
> incoming calls entirely.  It also occasionally misses the drop signal

Same here. Generally an incoming call would go thru immediately after
registration, but not always. Some 5min or more after registration, and
incoming calls almost never show up. SIP client (Xten) is ringing just fine
(on the same computer at the same time - I'm setup on both IAX and SIP), so
it's not NAT/firewall issue.

Oh yes, and I'm almost always behind NAT (the client side, that is).


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