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Chris Hirsch chris at base2technology.com
Mon Aug 11 06:41:38 MST 2003

What about a wiki? I personally don't like forums because I prefer the 
content pushed onto me and then let Mozilla do its magic with sorting 
and stuff. When I do have a problem however I first do a google unless 
there is a wiki present. Nine times out of ten, when users can post 
their own answers and help evolve documentation online it helps 
everybody, keeps everything organized and is usually much more up to 
date. BTW that also means that the main developers don't have to worry 
about keeping documentation up to date :-) That alone should be worth it 

Just my .02

Steve Meyers wrote:

>On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 21:31, Steven Critchfield wrote:
>>On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 21:25, Andy Hester wrote:
>>>Perhaps there is another way to cut down on increased traffic...
>>>Specifically, I would go back to the suggestion of a collaborative website
>>>for documentation.  Collecting info and organizing into Howto's would reduce
>>>the number of times people ask the same questions.  Also, the documentation
>>>could grow as quickly as the project.  Unfortunately, I don't have a place
>>>to host it currently.  Ideally, the list would just be for issues that
>>>aren't already addressed.  Any one else interested in this?
>>While it still needs to be done, the majority of those type questions
>>will still happen as the newest users still don't use google until told
>>to do so.
>I don't buy that.  I think that people are much more likely to check out
>documentation linked to directly on the site than they are to utilize
>Dr. Google's resources.  Even if you google, the results can be
>confusing.  Also, some people aren't quite sure what question they need
>to ask, and some entry-level documentation would help that.
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