[Asterisk-Users] CallerID, DECT phones and ATA

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Fri Aug 8 04:57:03 MST 2003

Hi Andy,

I have a GE Dual CallerID cordless phone (analog) who correctly display the
name and the number when connected to an ATA with the default settings, so
it can pass the information to the analog phone connected to it.
It seems that we have here  a minimum of two standards for CallerID on the
PSTN line, not a single one.

One more question about TDM20B. How can you know when you have a new
voicemail in your mailbox?
On ATA, the dialtone is modulated for a couple of seconds when you pick-up
the phone, to know that you have a voice message waiting.


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> Hi Dan,
> I use panasonic DECT phones, when plugged into a TDM20B (2 port FXS card
from Digium) I get caller id passed through (name AND number) although i
can't get callerid via the pstn at the moment (located in nl) i do get it
for VoIP calls. Plus when a pstn call comes in and there is no clid (ie all
the time!) I force asterisk to set the caller id to "PSTN Call" <my pstn
> The panasonic was purchsed in Currys in the UK ...  personally I think
that the panasonic's understand all eu caller id standards (I can't prove
this) and just sell the same model throughout europe... Certainly the manual
seems to cover all european languages...
> It may not be what you want to hear but I'd seriously consider getting an
fxs card..
> Andy
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> On 08/08/2003 at 13:45 Dan wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I have two DECT cordless phones (one Philips Onis 6311 and one Philips
> >Onis2
> >Memo-6511).
> >The first one is for the french standard and the second one for the
> >standard.
> >Both of them have callerid functionality.
> >The british one does not show anything when connected to my PSTN line.
> >I have not yet tested the french one.
> >What I want to do is to connect both of them to the same ATA box.
> >There is any possibility to program callerid functionality in ATA in
> >to have different callerid standard on each port?
> >It would be nice to use this to get callerid functionality on both
> >as the X100P card takes it from the PSTN line.
> >Any hint or experience is wellcome.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Dan
> >
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