[asterisk-ss7] Using libss7 to connect to an GMSC or STP

mosbah abdelkader mosbah.abdelkader at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 07:24:29 CST 2011


> I suppose you would use just normal ISUP to do the call via GMSC.

*Ok. *

> To act as a VMSC is a completely different thing and would not be possible to
accomplish on an asterisk without extensive development in which case you
would also need MAP handling.

*Ok. MAP will be used to get for example the status/location of the
mobile subscriber. I understand that this part is not implemented in

*Have you experienced such a case. If yes, please share your experience?

And what about the case of an STP in the place of a GMSC?

Thank you.*


Abdelkader Mosbah.
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