[asterisk-ss7] Using libss7 to connect to an GMSC or STP

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I suppose you would use just normal ISUP to do the call via GMSC. To act as
a VMSC is a completely different thing and would not be possible to
accomplish on an asterisk without extensive development in which case you
would also need MAP handling.



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As I understand, libss7 implements MTP and ISUP protocols over DAHDI
compatible hardware.

I need to establish a call from Asterisk to a GSM subscriber by initiating a
call directly over the GMSC or STP that connects to MSC of the subscriber.
Here, I suppose that Asterisk acts as a VMSC in the telco carrier of the

For signaling part of the call, I suppose that MAP protocol will be used
first to get some information about the subscriber and then ISUP will be
used to initiate the call.

For voice part, DAHDI hardware will be used to carry the data.

My questions are:

     1- Are the information above correct?
     2- Can libss7 be used for ISUP and voice part of my project?
     3- Is there any information regarding connecting Asterisk to a GMSC or

Please help.

Abdelkader Mosbah.

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