[asterisk-ss7] VÁ: Problem with CGB/CGBA and NAI

adomjan at tvnet.hu adomjan at tvnet.hu
Fri Mar 27 13:11:44 CDT 2009

1th: try my libss7/chan dahdi branch
2nd: define and use prefixes to set nai

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Tárgy:	[asterisk-ss7] Problem with CGB/CGBA and NAI
Feladó:	Bartosz Supczinski <Bartosz.Supczinski at dir.pl>
Dátum:		2009.03.27. 17:57


I've set up an SS7 link, the connection works in both directions but  
I  have 2 problems which I am not able to solve.

I don't knot even if it's an Asterisk, Dahdi or libss7 issue or maybe   
the configuration or the software environment. The second problem is  
being encountered by other people too. I've found some descriptions,  
but unfortunately none of them contained a solution.

* The first problem is about blocking a group of channels. During some  
tests with telecom it occured that when telecom blocks a group of  
channel Asterisk gets a "CGB" and it replies "CGBA", and despite of  
that Asterisk is trying to get through the blocked channels by sending  
"IAM". From the superior tel. exchange it gets "BLO" and replies "BLA"  
and after that it starts to treat the channel as a blocked one and  
doesn't occupy it anymore. The above error doesn't allow passing the  
compatibility tests, which are required by telecom.

* The second problem is about "NAI", no matter how I configure  
"ss7_called_nai" and "ss7_calling_nai" Asterisk sends "Nature of  
address: 0" in "IAM", even when NAI = "dynamic" is set. I've managed  
to correct this by forcing settings in "chan_dahdi.c"

- ss7_called_nai = p->ss7->called_nai;
+ ss7_called_nai = SS7_NAI_NATIONAL;
- ss7_calling_nai = p->ss7->calling_nai;
+ ss7_calling_nai = SS7_NAI_NATIONAL;

Nevertheless it is unacceptable, because telecom expects "NAI=3" while  
doing national calls and "NAI=4" with international calls.

Maybe somebody would be interested in these problems and may help me  
solve them.

Dahdi Tools:
LibSS7: 1.0.2
Linux: 2.6.25-gentoo-r7 SMP x86_64 Intel Xeon
Gcc: Version 4.1.1 (Gentoo 4.1.1-r3) x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
Cards: Wildcard TE410P (3rd Gen), Wildcard TDM2400P


Bartosz Supczinski

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