[asterisk-ss7] my svn is updated

Domjan Attila adomjan at tvnet.hu
Sun Mar 29 07:21:38 CDT 2009


the Changelog:

- removed sending SUS/RES on MOH in chan_dahdi, it was a mistake
- incresed the max of timers in libss7
- add configurable ISDN Access Ind in IAM and ACM / linkset
	the default setting is remained ISDN (1)
  some telco dooes not like if set it to 1 and our endpoint is not real
isdn. Now it is configurable in chan_dahdi.conf via non_isdn_access =
yes to set the indicator to non-ISDN (0) (after sigchan definitions).


svn co http://observer.router.hu/repos_pub/chan_dahdi/trunk chan_dahdi
svn co http://observer.router.hu/repos_pub/libss7/trunk libss7

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