[asterisk-ss7] libss7 UPDATE and call for testing

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Wed Dec 3 16:47:59 CST 2008

Hey all,

Thanks to a Adomjan on the mailing list, we have had some significant 
new features added to libss7/chan_dahdi.  He has gone through the effort 
of getting libss7 interconnect certified in his country, and in the 
processes added support for ISUP and MTP3 timers in libss7.  He also 
added support for change over and change back within a linkset (among 
other things in MTP3), as well as SAM (overlap) and many additional 
parameters and configuration options.

Some of the configuration options include the following: (taken from 
sample config file)

; This option is to set the CICs to be set to a hardware blocked state 
when bringing
; the links up for the first time.
; This option is whether or not to trust the remote echo control 
indication.  This means
; that in cases where echo control is reported by the remote end, we 
will trust them and
; not enable echo cancellation on the call.
; This option is to set what our echo control indication is to the other 
end.  Set to
; yes to indicate that we are using echo cancellation or no if we are not.
; This sets the number of binary places to shift the CIC when doing load 
balancing between
; sigchans on a linkset.
; Set this option if you wish to send an INR request if no calling party 
number is specified.
; This will attempt to tell the other end to send it anyways.

He also added a number of CLI commands and enhanced existing commands 
(to not assume a certain DPC).

If any of you are able, I would like to get some testing and feedback on 
his changes.  They are fairly substantial, which is why I have not 
committed them immediately, but those of you that have test equipment or 
good setups to test in, we certainly can use your help.

This is not a blind shoot in the dark with unstable code, as some people 
have already tested these changes and have said that they work, but I 
still would like to get a little bit more feedback before merging them 
into the mainline branches.

I'd also like to hear how these changes affect ANSI links, as they were 
developed in an ITU environment, if anyone has access to a setup where 
they can test that *pokes Joseph* :-)

You can check out the branches that contain the changes (libss7 and 
Asterisk) from the following svn URLs:



Matthew Fredrickson
Digium, Inc.

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