[asterisk-ss7] libss7 UPDATE and call for testing

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 22:36:37 CST 2008

I'd like to notice that I have LIBSS7+Domjan patches working 
for me in production (light load) for a month now. Will try 
updated versions soon. Thank you Domjan and Matt for such a 
great stuff.

On Thursday 04 December 2008 03:47, Matthew Fredrickson 
> Hey all,
> Thanks to a Adomjan on the mailing list, we have had some
> significant new features added to libss7/chan_dahdi.  He
> has gone through the effort of getting libss7
> interconnect certified in his country, and in the
> processes added support for ISUP and MTP3 timers in
> libss7.  He also added support for change over and change
> back within a linkset (among other things in MTP3), as
> well as SAM (overlap) and many additional parameters and
> configuration options.
> Some of the configuration options include the following:
> (taken from sample config file)
> ; This option is to set the CICs to be set to a hardware
> blocked state when bringing
> ; the links up for the first time.
> ;
> ;ss7_initialhwblo=yes
> ;
> ; This option is whether or not to trust the remote echo
> control indication.  This means
> ; that in cases where echo control is reported by the
> remote end, we will trust them and
> ; not enable echo cancellation on the call.
> ;
> ;ss7_use_echocontrol=yes
> ;
> ; This option is to set what our echo control indication
> is to the other end.  Set to
> ; yes to indicate that we are using echo cancellation or
> no if we are not. ;
> ;ss7_default_echocontrol=yes
> ;
> ; This sets the number of binary places to shift the CIC
> when doing load balancing between
> ; sigchans on a linkset.
> ;
> ;sls_shift=0
> ;
> ; Set this option if you wish to send an INR request if
> no calling party number is specified.
> ; This will attempt to tell the other end to send it
> anyways. ;
> ;inr_if_no_calling=yes
> ;
> He also added a number of CLI commands and enhanced
> existing commands (to not assume a certain DPC).
> If any of you are able, I would like to get some testing
> and feedback on his changes.  They are fairly
> substantial, which is why I have not committed them
> immediately, but those of you that have test equipment or
> good setups to test in, we certainly can use your help.
> This is not a blind shoot in the dark with unstable code,
> as some people have already tested these changes and have
> said that they work, but I still would like to get a
> little bit more feedback before merging them into the
> mainline branches.
> I'd also like to hear how these changes affect ANSI
> links, as they were developed in an ITU environment, if
> anyone has access to a setup where they can test that
> *pokes Joseph* :-)
> You can check out the branches that contain the changes
> (libss7 and Asterisk) from the following svn URLs:
> http://svn.digium.com/svn/libss7/team/mattf/bug13495
> http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/team/mattf/bug13495
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