[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7 oneway Problem.

asterisk at nicox.org asterisk at nicox.org
Tue Feb 27 07:38:48 MST 2007

Which E1-Cards all of you guys use?
is it possible that the Hardware Echo Canceller is the reason for this 
Problem? i'm using TE412P



On Fri, 23 Feb 2007, Anton wrote:

> Kristian,
> I can't say exactly right now - but i've switched whole
> internal communication from IAX2 over to SIP to make sure
> that IAX is not causing this problem. The next step (since
> I've got the case with SIP too) will be to determine if
> audio actually arrives to a chan_ss7, though I don't know
> yet how exactly will do that :) (any advice?) It's not very
> easy trackable - since it's floating problem. With me It
> happen some 1 call in 100, sometimes more often. But still
> the case is only floatly reproducible.
> Maybe asterisk at nicox.org have more exact description or
> behavior.
> Regards,
> Anton.
> On 23 February 2007 13:56, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
>> Anton <anton.vazir at gmail.com> writes:
>>> In my case? when i do have 1way audio, it's always in
>>> the IN direction. I mean in the scheme
>>> <USER>--SIP--<CHAN_SS7_BOX>----<PSTN> - the <PSTN> side
>>> cannot hear the <USER> - but users hears PSTN.
>> Where is the audio lost? Ie. is there audio arriving from
>> the SIP side on the network? Are audio packets being
>> delivered to the chan_ss7 module? Is chan_ss7 writing
>> audio down the E1 timeslot?
>>  - Kristian.
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