[asterisk-ss7] Digium TE410P and Siemens EWSD

Artur Dziak bulo at marsik.zapto.org
Wed Mar 15 02:13:57 MST 2006

I have little question.
Run anybody Digium TE410P and chan_ss7 with Siemens EWSD?

I have a problem.
Layer 1of ss7  run good, but upper layers dont' run.
In logs i see:

Mar 15 09:54:13 NOTICE[26590] mtp.c: MTP2 bitstream frame format error, 
entering octet counting mode on link 'l1'.

(762 or 763 times per second)

I read faq for ss7. IRQs its OK. Line have one week tests. Tests was passed.
Is this possible to run te410 with siemens ewsd?

Machine: PIV with 1GB RAM
chan_ss7 ver. 0.82
zaptel driver 1.2.3
asterisk 1.2.4
Line e1 with ss7 signalling.


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