[asterisk-ss7] libss7 tests

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Tue Aug 22 16:21:03 MST 2006

On Aug 22, 2006, at 6:10 PM, Storer, Darren wrote:
> I've been trying to get a signalling link up from a test libss7 build 
> to an ISUP (White Book) Simulator/Emulator. The Asterisk box is using 
> an old E100P single E1 card with a cross over cable to the simulator. 
> After loading zaptel and wct1xxp I have started Asterisk and layer 1 
> is good (loss of signal and remote alarm functions work 
> as expected). The bad news is that I cannot see any SIO/SIOS messages 
> being returned from the libss7 machine.
> To prove the I/O from the SS7 simulator I have looped back its E1 and 
> watched as the link starts to emergency align but it fails 
> (obviously) because the point codes clash when the signalling link 
> test messages (SLTM) are sent.
> The question is, does anyone know if there any debug facilities 
> available within libss7? It's much to early to expect something 
> similar to the 'pri debug' command but hopefully there is something 
> that will help to show what libss7 is transmitting and receiving. 
> Also, if a good libss7 build is looped back on itself will it start to 
> align and write messages into a log file or to the Asterisk console?
> Just in case I have made a mess of the libss7 configuration I have 
> uploaded a copy of the config files and span status here:
> http://www.comgate.co.uk/libss7

Hey!  I thought I had replied to your message already, but there goes 
again.  You can turn on debug by the "ss7 debug linket x" command at 
the console.  It will give you some debug output that is useful.  Also, 
you can try the ss7linktest program that is in the libss7 directory to 
get a verbose debug output of what is happening on link initialization. 
  You can change your point code selection on the real system in the 
zapata.conf.  pointcode is the local point code, adjpointcode is the 
point code used in the SLTM messages, and defaultdpc is the point code 
used as the destination for ISUP (layer4) messages.

Matthew Fredrickson

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