[Asterisk-ss7] open ss7 stack? any progress?

Andrew J. Baker andrew_lists at teledesign.co.uk
Sat Aug 6 08:46:53 CDT 2005

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Matt wrote:

>if your ss7 code is open source, and if any one is unable to find testing
>place, we might
>provide you a testing E1 link.

We can also offer a similar facility. We have a rack located in a
major London CoLo - within this rack we can offer you a test facility.

1) A dedicated box running Asterisk. Box supplied and configured by us
to an agreed specification. We would be willing to install any
supplied card
(And we do have some digium single port E1 cards available to get
things going)

2) Remote power cycling for this box - for when it goes really badly
wrong. :-)

3) Remote access to the box  via SSH - including root access.

4) Dedicated E1/SS7 link(s) to the above from our Telesoft Okeford
Switch (also under our direct management and control).

5) A dedicated range of UK geographic numbers which can be forwarded
directly to the above via our switch.

6) And something similar for Outbound.

We would be providing the above as a donation to any suitable open
source project - IE we're not planning to charge for it.

We can also offer a similar facility with more detailed diagnostics
using our Telesoft Triton  located in our office in Herts. However
the Triton is windows based and thus remote access may be more
difficult to arrange

Please contact me at andrew at teledesign.co.uk if this offer is of
interest to you.


Andrew Baker
Teledesign Media Ltd
Teledesign Solutions Ltd

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