[Asterisk-ss7] open ss7 stack? any progress?

Matt mattl at xgforce.com
Fri Aug 5 18:15:39 CDT 2005

if your ss7 code is open source, and if any one is unable to find testing
place, we might
provide you a testing E1 link.

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> I'm working on one right now.  I've got a considerable chunk of it
> done, MTP2, a good chunk of MTP3 and a few messages of ISUP done.
> I haven't had any links to test it on yet though, so far it's only
> been tested against itself.  I guess I haven't really mentioned it
> so far because I was worried I'd get bored of it and quit working
> on it, but I think I'm beyond that point by now, so there it is, I
> finally said it.  I'm writing an SS7 stack. ;-)
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